I am an interdisciplinary performance-based artist. I am a freelance performer and a deviser of site-specific theatre encounters and collaborative multi-disciplinary performance installations. I am obsessed with autobiographies and the shady side of memory. There is nothing I love more than dancing. I also design and construct wearable garments from unconventional materials, repurposing items such as egg cartons and chicken wire, sailcloth, seaweed, and plastic. I describe several of my devised performance works as nightmare phantasmagorical, inspired by horror and magic, suffering and beauty, resilience and vulnerability. I use any medium at my disposal to assist with creative articulation and the skills I utilize – from building a raft for a play under a dock to exploring movement and text hybrid performances to designing with sound, costumes, and lights – depend on the needs of the project and the configuration of each collaborative environment. Many of my devised solo performances aim to cultivate experiences that facilitate authentic moments of contact between people. To encourage this I have performed for one audience member at a time and I have used physical proximity to build trust and touch to encourage connection. My work can seem strange and unfamiliar, dangerous or scary even. There is darkness and an edge that leans into the uncomfortable, maybe even the intolerable, yet it is always in search of love and it is crafted with care and hope. My works are intimate and devised, they are truth and fancy, nightmare and fantasy.

This video is a selective compilation of recent creation and research work. It is a thematic performance-based collage. For a more thorough account of my body of work browse around my website or check out my blog.

performance art

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts.