Nita Bowerman is an interdisciplinary performance-based artist who explores unconventional relationships and materials through art making. She designs and performs self-created solo works and cross-discipline collaborations. Highlights include wreckage a play under a dock in which she built a raft and collaborated with a scuba diver and did you see others like me? a short self-illuminated performance installation in a pitch black stairwell for one audience member at a time. Nita has performed in a variety of venues from traditional theatres to swimming pools to traveling trolley cars. Her characterizations have appeared in plays, guided tours and cabaret environments. She has performed with several local theatre companies, collaborated with artists practicing a variety of disciplines, and was Artist/Producer in Residence with The Only Animal, a company known for their site-specific approach to theatre making. Nita will use any material at her disposal to create art from repurposing everyday materials into works of wearable art to diy audio and video recording and editing. Nita is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.