the painter, the dreamer

Hand painted polka dot pajamas.  Done.  Absurd.  Ask for something to sleep in and I will use the fabric of your dreams as my canvas.  And it will be imperfect because I am human.  I can’t say no to even the most foolish creative impulses.  I am an artist after all.  Not the most practical professional choice.
I am a dreamer and I work hard at it.


A Granville Island Christmas

My friend Nicole Dextras hired me in November to help realize her design for the Net Loft Christmas decorations on Granville Island.  I played helping hands with scissors, sewing machine, paint brush, wire and pliers.  I have never cut and sewn so many endless yards of fabric…stretchy velvet no less!  Two nights on the technical team with Granville Island Cultural Society – cutting, tying, climbing, hauling, inummerable slivers between the nail and finger –  and Nicole’s designs for the market, the Net Loft and two big Christmas trees in the plaza were erected and ready for public enjoyment.  Nicole’s festive Birch tree is a stunning success…check it out in the Net Loft.   And judging from the article below, the Granville Island Market designs, also by Nicole Dextras, and the rest of the holiday decor is striking the right mood…