because I had such a good time…

I’m not much of a partier, but  on Saturday, May 19th I let go and had I a blast.  Maybe it was the fast pace of this one-minute performance festival, the (d)evolution of performance from PG to R rated, and the exceptional organization of roughly 30 separate acts ‘for the modern attention span’ that kept rolling one after the other.  Maybe it was the friendly bar staff, the charisma and humour of the host Riel Hahn, and the definitive projections by Parjad Sharifi.  Or maybe it was the pass-the-hat for microloans initiated by Steven Hill.  In all likelihood it was the combination of all these factors, in addition to the anything goes attitude that accompanies an invitation like the one presented by Leaky Heaven Circus for the one minute performance festival BLiNk… ‘no restriction on content, only time.’

I was alternatively delighted, captivated, shocked, confused, repulsed, amused, pained and excited.  Imagine that every act elicits a different reaction and that every act is only one minute, what a ride!  Imagine also that cheers, jeers, catcalls and ‘no you didn’ts’ are permitted and echoed throughout the crowd.  It is an enlivened environment where libations and live performance entwine and where risk-taking is not only encouraged, but expected.  It’s not particularly reserved or polite, and that is one of the many things that I appreciate about BLiNk, and dare I say it, the work created, facilitated and produced by the independent theatre company Leaky Heaven Circus.  They also throw a wicked dance party.

The following photos are courtesy of BLiNk host Riel Hahn.

the hosting throne.

BLiNk and you’ll miss it. projections by Parjad Sharifi.

keeping the acts moving with the before/after technique.

final countdown to the pool of poodle, the act to end all acts.

I chose to have have fun for the evening which, thanks to the company, I did.  Following the out of character impulse to make anyone want to fuck me regardless of sex and being rather modest and self-allegedly asexual, I toyed with the idea of performing in my tight red men’s briefs.  I decided to keep my pants on…unless sufficiently propositioned…

This is the soundtrack I made for my one-minute and four second performance…

I don’t know how to tastefully segue back into the subject of microloans after posting a picture of me with my pants undone…

To learn more about microloans, an initiative that provides financial services for low-income individuals and those who do not have access to typical banking services, check out Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit organization that lends 100% of every dollar you lend to poor people, allowing them to take advantage of economic opportunities and to work toward reducing vulnerability and increasing earnings and savings.  Their website is very detailed and thorough about what they do and why, and you can support them here.


Nicole Dextras Weedrobes video

Short documentary on artist Nicole Dextras and her project Weedrobes, where she makes clothing out of natural materials. Dextras is an environmental artist from Canada who works with ephemeral materials to accentuate the cycles of nature and also to comment on consumer culture.

“I work with things that are ephemeral, that are not going to last, and it’s teaching me how to let go.” Nicole Dextras