Pure Research Vancouver

For three days this week audio artist Emma Hendrix, choreographer Caroline Liffmann, and I will enter the studio to embark on Pure Research.  I have written an incredibly detailed outline, we’ll see how far it gets us before we jump off the map.

It’s not often time, space, and resources are given to pure theatrical research, with no mind toward producing a tangible work for an audience.

This line of inquiry seeks to explore the expressive potentials of trauma abstraction.  Using dark imagery sourced from a personal well, we will collectively apply audio manipulations to text and examine the effects on the body.  I’ve tried to blend an intuitive and scientific approach to the work, giving time to both improvisational play and the collecting and cataloguing of data.

I am both frightened and fascinated.  Frightened because who knows what beasts lie waiting in the deep.  Fascinated because abstraction might be a potent tool to wake them (and perhaps to tame them?) and give them sound and shape.

Pure Research Vancouver is funded by Nightswimming Theatre and SFU Contemporary Arts