poly progress…

Chaps lay a weaving at his feet.


poly plastic moving along…

I’m 6 days into a repurposed and recycled polyethylene plastic sheeting project.  

Here’s a look at base dress #1 from day 5
Right now the ‘aging’ is the effect of photo filters and editing. Eventually I hope to simulate a similar effect on the poly ‘fabric’ itself.

More to come…

Nicole Dextras’ Little Green Dress Projekt

I went to visit environmental artist Nicole Dextras at VanDusen Botanical Garden yesterday. She has been working throughout the summer on The Little Green Dress Projekt, commissioned for the Earth Art exhibition.

Check out the official blog for the project that details the construction and display of 21 all natural plant dresses made to measure for 21 women. http://littlegreendresses.wordpress.com/

photo by Nicole Dextras

This is a dress I made out of seaweed. Many thanks to Nicole for bringing me into the early stage of the process to help make armatures for some of the other dresses. What a pleasure, having worn many of Nicole’s previous weedrobes, to have an opportunity to make one.

Click on this link http://littlegreendresses.wordpress.com/photos/ to see Nicole’s photo documentation of each dress.