stop. motion.

stop. motion. close. from Nita Bowerman on Vimeo.

photography by Nicole Dextras
video editing & modelling by Nita Bowerman
costume concept by Michael J.P. Hall
costume design & construction by Nita Bowerman



PuShing it

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is coming to town.

PuSh graphic

The Push Opening Gala is Monday, January 14, 2013 from 6-11PM at Club Five Sixty, 560 Seymour Street.  the Opening Gala for the ninth annual PuSh Festival—hosted by Juno award-winning musician Dan Mangan and CTV News anchor Mi-Jung Lee—will be packed with live music, video projections, spontaneous performances, and surprise guests.  Tickets are only $10.

The PuSh Festival is an opportunity to collect unique experiences, meet new people, and see/hear/feel transdisciplinary local and international performance works. In my past encounters with PuSh Festival curated shows I have had my conception of what theatre ‘is‘ called into question.  My aesthetic prejudices have been challenged.  My creative perceptions have shifted.  My performance curiosities have intensified.  And elements of my artistic practice have been de/reconstructed.  As a person with an inquisitive nature, this has great value to me.  So, in addition to working my so-called ‘day job’ which is really a series of night jobs with supplimentary day jobs and one-off jobs and ever changing arts gigs and contracts,  I am volunteering for the PuSh Festival this January 2013. Here’s what I will be participating in…

Do You See What I Mean? created by Projet in situ (Lyon, France)

do you see what i mean?

Presented by the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and Urban Crawl, Sponsored by Terra Breads

January 25-27 + February 1-3, 2013

Departures every 15 minutes starting at 12PM, with the last departure at 4:45PM.

Advance purchase recommended due to extremely limited audience capacity.

Do You See What I Mean? invites you—the spectator—to experience Vancouver in a radically new fashion, turning the routine of daily life into an extraordinary journey of heightened senses and transformed perceptions. Created by Lyon-based choreographers Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon, this captivating piece of one-on-one theatre is a 2½ hour blindfolded tour into the streets, storefronts and secret spaces of our city. Do You See What I Mean? is a deeply transformative work wherein spectators’ everyday worldview is radically re-positioned in an emotional and interpersonal manner.


Human Library created by Stop the Violence (Copenhagen, Denmark)

human library

Presented by the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and grunt gallery

January 18-20, 25-27 + Feb 1-3, 2013 12:00PM – 4:00PM

Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, 3rd floor

Borrow a book, discover a person.

Enter the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch and head up to the third floor where a special PuSh Festival circulation desk will register you with your own Human Library card and offer to lend you one of thirty possible human books. In choosing from titles like “Drag Queen,” “Occupy Activist,” and “Refugee” you’ll sign one out and be connected to the person behind that title. A one-on-one informal conversation will begin and the rest is up to you.


The above show descriptions are from the PuSh Festival online program (as are the images). All the Festival shows are detailed here as are links to buy tickets.  Here you will also find out about the PuSh Assembly, a free performing arts industry initiative for sharing best practices and ideas, and Club PuSh, the social hub of the festival with cutting-edge performance programming.

Then there is PushOFF,  co-produced by AntonymNew Works, and Theatre Replacement with support from The Cultch.  PushOFF (Jan 30 to Feb 2) is a curated platform of tour-ready works and projects in development by emerging and established BC and Canadian artists.  Here, on February 1st, I will be performing in a 20 minute instalment of The Saints Project: Monster, developed by Craning Neck Theatre in association with Theatre Conspiracy.

Here’s the promo video for The Saints Project: Monster

See you at the Opening Gala.  And, if you plan to PuSh it hard like I do, see you around the fest!

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