live performance (meets video edit)

(arty versus party)

a self-lit cabaret-style performance on a very small stage

Beaumont Studios, 2014


#moveandtell #nitab_dance

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#moveandtell #nitab_dance

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Mrs Warren’s Profession

A community partnership led by Alley Theatre
with Neworld Theatre, Renegade Productions, WISH Drop-In Centre and PACE Society!mrs-warrens-profession/c1pu

Director Marisa Smith was inspired to adapt George Bernard Shaw’s classic text and produce it in the heart of the DTES from her experience working in a women’s shelter. The play, written in 1893, held a timely message considering that the federal government was still deciding on new sex trade legislation during the run.

2014 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Nominations!
Critics Choice Innovation Award” Nomination
Outstanding Costume Design – Nita Bowerman


the cast of Mrs. Warren’s Profession: Daniel Arnold, Melissa Oei, Tom Pickett, Linda Quibell, Eric Keenleyside and Rick Tae. Photo by KAARINA VENALAINEN

Fortunately/unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in this project, that I didn’t take any pictures of the completed costumes (what you see above are still works in progress).

Recognition and great respect for Laura Fukomoto, costume assistant, the right hand to my left.