violin & voice: the buzzing

violin & voice: Nita Bowerman
text: Barbara Adler

created for Brief Encounters Revue 2014 (Tomorrow Collective)


Brief Encounters Review

Tonight is the night…

Brief Encounters Review
October 16 & 17
@ Guilt & Co
@ 7pm

An eclectic evening of performance collaborations.
See the line up here.

I’m performing with Barbara Adler.
Accordion. Violin. Words will be said and – gasp – sung?…I haven’t really sung a full song on stage since elementary school. So…ahem…we’ll see what happens there…

This might be the craziest performance experiment I’ve run yet. Basically, I don’t play violin, talk into mics or sing, but I’m going to attempt to do all those things tonight with Barbara, who is a pro. And, to complicate matters further, Barbara just got back from two weeks in the Czech Republic, so although the work is mapped, it has never been run in full. We are essentially going to run the piece without a collective rehearsal in front of a live audience. What were we thinking? Surprises will be in store for everyone tonight.

Read a bit more about the process here.

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” ~Samuel Beckett~

electric violin

Three weeks ago I picked up an electric violin, for the first time ever, with the intention of performing live with it…something about challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone, to embrace an unknown and to practice non-judgement.

2 days ago I fed an electric violin with some effects peddles and a microphone into a mixing board and into a one channel amplifier.

The results so far…