Sun Belt’s ‘Cabalcor’ @ Club PuSh

I’m thrilled to be part of the cast for Cabalcor at Club PuSh on February 1st. Sun Belt album release and book launch.

Sunday, February 1 @ Club PuSh (Performance Works on Granville Island) @ 8pm
come at 7pm for a free screening of Kiss the Rabbit, the PuSh Festival’s documentary about its 10th anniversary.

Tickets available through the PuSh website:

Sun Belt’s debut collection of surreal, dusty songs and stories gets adapted into a multimedia history of a mythical tar sands company town. Through music, image and readings, Sun Belt: Cabalcor charts the rise and fall of Cabalcor, an imaginary region that, within the span of a century, becomes a desert wasteland. This Club PuSh performance is based on Sun Belt’s experimental book/album released in early 2015 by Anvil Press and Offseason Records. Presented by Theatre Conspiracy.

Sun Belt features Rick Maddocks, Stephen Lyons of Fond OfTigers, Jon Wood,
Paul Rigby, Terri Upton with guests Nita Bowerman, Madeleine Thien, Naz Hozar,
Calvin Wharton and Hal Wake!

Cabalcor in the PuSh Festival Guide
A Curatorial Statement by Club PuSh curator Tim Carlson