Demostage @ rEvolver Fest Thurs, May 21st

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Software developers get together in bars to demo their programs at various points in their process… why can’t artists?

A couple years ago, Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax) became interested in how works emerge from a beginning idea to a point of public presentation. As a way for him to indulge that curiosity, he started these events called Demostage, which give people opportunities to show some of what they are working on at different stages of their development.

We loved this idea so much we’re bringing Demostage to Vancouver! And it’s FREE!

Who’s involved:

A Wake of Vultures (Sean Marshall Jr., Conor Wylie, Nancy Tam, and Daniel O’Shea)
Derek Chan (rice & beans)
Nita Bowerman
Derek Simons (Art Space Action)
Pedro Chamale (rice & beans)

The artists get a chance to communicate ideas, receive feedback, and maybe connect with people who can help out. And the best thing is that YOU get to be a vital part of that process!

So grab a drink and a seat and get a peak into what these incredible artists are working on… and the questions and curiosities they have for you!

Demostage is one of our first events at the festival: at 7:30PM on Thursday, May 21 in The Founder’s Lounge at The Cultch

Facebook Event page: