move and tell. a summer dance video journal

I’ve been dancing in parks in the summer for years. This summer, from 15 second outdoor studio practice clips to slightly longer edited movement videos, I document my dances in the city. The videos are compiled on the website

This is a low fi, diy project in real time development – as in ‘in development’ ‘over time’. It is a video journal of sorts. The dances are often spontaneous and always improvised. The videos are shot exclusively on cell phones and largely edited on them too. If you would be so inclined to grace me with a dance in an outdoor public location (non dancers welcome) or suggest music (music to dance to is welcome, but only public domain/permissioned music will be used in final videos) please message me at

The following video can be found at

danced, filmed & edited by Nita
song: 1MD by Holy Fuck