I have many garment design interests ranging from wearable welded metals to the integration of light and sound technology in garment design and performance.  My specialty lies in working with materials not generally considered wearable fabrics, such as chicken wire and egg cartons and sailcloth.  I have however cross-purposed material for more pedestrian purposes, such as reconstituting bedsheets and pillow cases to make aprons (if you knew me you’d appreciate the irony).  I also have ventured into costume design for theatre and dance.  I grew up darning pointe shoes and mending tutus.  I progressed into creating garments for myself and for my performances.  I have worked with several local companies and individuals as a costume/garment designer and maker.

Look at the Costume/Design menu for image examples of my work. There are many portfolios gathered, so scroll down the page to get a full selection.

Here are some of my wilder inspirations…

SHOWstudio: Extraordinary Gentlemen — Nick Knight, Alister Mackie, LucyandBart:

Hussein Chalayan:

Alexander McQueen:

link to Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Thierry Mugler:

Comme des Garçons: