painted polka dot pajamas

I was commissioned to make custom christmas pajamas for a local family.  Simple right?  Except that I couldn’t find the material I was looking for in the time frame available to me.  So, what did I decide to do?

I made my own.

Thousands upon thousands of hand painted polka dots later, I had the fabric.  A textured flannel, both soft and gently rough.  A fabric that activates the sense of touch.  A fabric with an unusual and unique handle.

With the monumental task of making my fabric over, I still had half the project left…to, with the aid of my sewing machine, turn the fabric into something wearable.  Here are the results…

A baby sleep sack/dress and 4 pairs of pajamas for 2 adults and two kids.

One of a kind – because no one else is fool enough to do it – hand painted polka dot pajamas for the whole family.

Happy Holidays!