House of KOSA

written by Miranda Huba.

House of KOSA is set in a visually fantastic world of celebrated craftsmanship. Loaded with cultural significance, it undermines our relationship to fashion and the media. A chorus of models, moonlighting as seamstresses in a basement sweatshop, unweave the twisted workings of the family that inhabit the House above them. The Mother (played by celebrated dancer/choreographer, Barbara Bourget) is upstairs in the attic creating the intricate designs, while devising the future of her family. The Father (Michael Springate) is at the breakfast table encouraging his Daughter (Kirsten Slenning) to recount her latest tale of front page debauchery. The House runs like a well oiled machine until one Christmas morning the Daughter asks for the head of her Father…

DIRECTOR: Olivia Delachanal

CAST: Barbara Bourget, Nita Bowerman, Yasser Ishmael,
Lindsay Drummond, Victor Mariano, Michael Springate
and Kirsten Slenning

Costumes by Christina Darling

Haute-Cirque Headdresses by Nita Bowerman

Photos by Rob Daly

Mothers wig in process