Mrs Warren’s Profession

produced by Alley Theatre in association with Neworld Theatre and Renegade Arts Company

Nominated for a ‘Critics Choice Innovation Award’ and for ‘Outstanding Costume Design’
Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards 2014

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Mrs. Warren has been secretly working as a prostitute and brothel owner in order to put her daughter Vivie through the best schools, and to give her all the luxuries she could never afford. When the well-educated and thoroughly “modern” Vivie learns of her mother’s profession, the two women enter a battle-royale over what it means to be a modern woman, a working woman, and to just plain be a woman.

Featuring Linda Quibell, Tom Pickett, Melissa Oei, Daniel Arnold, Eric Keenleyside and Rick Tae. With live music from Gentle Party (Shanto Acharia, Meredith Bates and Elisa Thorn).

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