12 theatre companies + one warehouse space = event/experience/celebration X 12 (that’s big!)

The Only Animal’s contribution “Sugar” blends five stories of first love into a candy-coloured confection. Five women concot their miniature tales of bittersweet romance using baking ingredients and cookies. These intimate object theatre pieces staged on breadboards balanced on the knees of two spectators take place in a 1950s frosted kitchen by the multitalented Keith Murray.

Directed by Kendra Fanconi.

Created by Ella Simon, Jessica Harvey, Caroline Sniatynski, Lisa Oppenheim, Nita Bowerman. Featuring Raes Calvert.

Sound design by Eric Rhys Miller.

Photos by Tim Matheson

Raes Calvert, Nita Bowerman, Jessica Harvey, Caroline Sniatynski

Nita Bowerman, Ella Simon, Lisa Oppenheim, Jessica Harvey

aprons constructed of bedsheets and pillow cases in process