acting resume

Testimony                       the accused     Judith Fair
Cabalcor                         lecturer            Sun Belt (Club PuSh)
Saints Plays: Monster      Francis/Agnes Craining Neck
wreckage                         the wreck       Vancouver Fringe Festival
The 4H Club                    Constance      Genus Theatre (Neanderthal Fest)
did you see…?                 Sophia            Firehall Arts Centre (BC Buds)
Both Are Me                     a woman        Tigermilk Collective (Bridge Mix)
Sugar                               baker/lover     The Only Animal (HIVE3)
you and the moon            climber           The Only Animal/The Cultch
House of KOSA                chorus            Tigermilk Collective
Sea of Sand                      oracle             The Only Animal
you and the moon             climber           The Only Animal/Mag North (HIVE2)
Bye Bye Baby                   birth mother    Presentation House Theatre
Theatre of Sand                 various           The Only Animal
Haunted Trolley                 flapper guide  Vancouver Museum/Trolley Co
The One That Got Away    nurse/fish        Electric Company/Only Animal
Bangs and Buddha           stagehand      The Only Animal
Haunted Trolley                 flu guide          Vancouver Museum/Trolley Co
The Hot House                  Miss Cutts       Palefire Productions
Other Freds                       powerwalker   The Only Animal

FairFashion                        Laurel                Nicole Dextras/Robson Street
Mobile Garden                   M. Jardin           Nicole Dextras/Children’s Fest
Invasive Species                Ivy                      Nicole Dextras/Granville Island
I believe                             tutu dreamer      Leaky Heaven (BLiNK)
PoP                                    the maker          Here Be Monsters Fest
Water Cycle                       woman 3           Tigermilk Collective/The Cultch
Spare Change?                  penny blind       Leaky Heaven (Trans-Actions)
Gimme Gimmee                  glutton               Leaky Heaven (BLiNK)
Parade of Lost Souls           Pride Phull        Public Dreams Society
invisible theatre                   hippy chick       Leaky Heaven/Radix
Illuminares                           maidin garden   Public Dreams Society
Growing Pains                     night child          One Yellow Rabbit (intensive)
Rules of the Jungle             Jungle Jane       Here Be Monsters Fest

She Is                                  Agave                  Purple Platypus Prod
Footfalls                              mother                 SFU Directing Project
Nocturne                            George                 Walking Fish Festival
Antigone                             chorus                  SFU Mainstage
Unfinished                           various                 SFU Blackbox
Warning                               various                SFU Blackbox
Death, Delirium, Despair      various                SFU Blackbox
Bitter, Sweet, Salty, Sour     various                SFU BLackbox
CACKJAJAL                        various                SFU Blackbox
In the Shadow of the Glen    Nora Burke        SFU Directing Project
One for the Road                  Gila                     SFU Directing Project
Dumb Woman’s Ecstasy       woman               SFU Directing Project
She Sees the Argument But  the official           SFU Directing Project
Name Day: The Defense       trickster              SFU Masters Project

On Camera Techniques                             Andrew McIlroy
UAM workshop                                           Simon Longmore
UAM workshop                                           Anastasia Bandy
Mini Voice Intensive                                    David Smuckler
Artist/Producer in Residence                      The Only Animal
Pilates                                                          Vancouver Pilates Centre
Boing Boing                                                 Jane Ellison
Dramaturgy                                                  Playwright’s Theatre Centre
Suzuki/Viewpoints                                       The Only Animal
OYRSummer Lab Intensive                          One Yellow Rabbit
Grotesque Realism                                       Leaky Heaven Circus
BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS – ACTING    Simon Fraser University
Contemporary Dance                                   Simon Fraser/Harbour Dance
Dance Improvisation                                     Simon Fraser University
Dance Composition                                      Simon Fraser University
Checchetti Method Ballet                             Thousand Islands Ballet Co

physical specificity and repetition, dancing, running, swimming, biking, climbing, balancing, turning, falling, playing physical injuries, facial masks and body casts, yoga, pilates