costume design resume

Mrs Warren’s Profession
Alley Theatre 2014
A mash-up of turn of the century/contemporary fashion gacked out with utilitarian metal embelishments

Refuse Refuse
Framwerk Photography + Design/Port Moody Wearable Art Awards 2013
two muli-layered poly plastics people.

Nita Bowerman (Vancouver Fringe Festival) 2011
a swampy dress and cold water neoprene layers suitable for one False Creek, two staged dressings and a peeling off of layers

Sea of Sand
The Only Animal 2011
4 characters, in and out of the water, on the sandy beach of Spanish Banks

Peter Panties
Leaky Heaven Circus/Neworld Theatre (PuSh Festival) 2011
16 suits and green shirts for adults, teens, and kids

Mal de Mer
Anatomica/Proximity Arts (Dancing on the Edge Festival) 2010
identical costumes for 2 dancers: dresses constructed with sailcloth, casual and formal sailor costumes

did you see others like me?
Firehall Arts Centre (BC Buds) 2010
300 lights on a string sewn into a dress, black light make-up effects and a fiber optic heart piece

The Only Animal (HIVE3) 2010
a kitschy blue 3 piece, 5 full aprons and 20 audience aprons constructed of bedsheets and pillowcases

COLONY: Save the Queen & Off With Her Head
Port Moody Wearable Art Awards 2010
a white and blue needle felted wool wig with sequins and jeweled crown

House of KOSA
Tigermilk Collective 2010
6 haute-cirque headpieces: needle felted wool wig, tulle hat, veil, feather cap, crown, synthetic styled wig

Public Dreams (Illuminares) 2009
a fiber optic fantasy ensemble with recycled reflective fabric and a mirrored facial mask

Port Moody Wearable Art Awards 2009
a body encasing constructed with recycled egg cartons, wire window screen and chicken wire

incandescent tutu
Leaky Heaven Circus (BLiNK) 2008
a glow in the dark tutu constructed with silver wrapping paper reflective tape and led lights

Pryde Phull
Public Dreams (Parade of Lost Souls) 2007
a busty and bustled gun toting and hand mirrored prideful Deadly Sin

Dumpster Dressing
Port Moody Wearable Art Awards 2007
a dress and hat constructed with recycled plastic bags

Made-in Garden
Public Dreams (Illuminares) 2007
a dress and hat with silk flowers, twigs and moss

Hospital City
Tigermilk Collective 2006
sickly green hospital toned dresses that deconstruct piece by piece and a white formally suited emcee

BFA Acting, Simon Fraser University (2003)

2013 Port Moody Wearable Art Awards – Second Life: runner up – Refuse Refuse

2009 Jessie Co-Nomination – Costume Design (headpieces) – House of KOSA

2009 Port Moody Wearable Art Awards – Open Category: runner up – couped

working with unusual materials, refashioning previously used materials, sculptural works for the body, hand crafting, draping, needle felting wigs, headdresses and basic millinery, thrift hunting