Mobile Garden Dress

created and photographed by Nicole Dextras

created and photographed by Nicole Dextras
makeup by Courtney Frey

The Mobile Garden Dress and Eco-Wardrobe is part of my ongoing project called Weedrobes. This garment is 100% compostable and recyclable. It is constructed from natural materials such as Willow, basketry reed, grasses and leaves. The hoop skirt is covered in pots containing live edible plants such as herbs and vegetables. It is both a sculpture and a wearable garment and it was worn by artist/actor Nita Bowerman every day during the Vancouver Children’s Festival. Madame Jardin interacts with people, engaging with them in conversations about plants, gardens and composting. She tells them that her dress is completely sustainable and portable. The dress can also be covered at night and be used as a temporary shelter, it covers the basic needs of the new urban nomad!  -Nicole Dextras-

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