performance art: wrapped, unsexed, and other randoms

photos by Jürgen Fritz, edited by Nita Bowerman
with Nita Bowerman

wrapped 1wrapped 2wrapped 3wrapped (replace)wrapped 5wrapped 6wrapped 7wrapped 8

photos by Jürgen Fritz
with Nita Bowerman, Dustin Brons and Emilio Rojas

unsexed 1unsexed 2unsexed 3

photos by Jürgen Fritz
with Jessie Altura, Nita Bowerman, Dustin Brons, Luciana D’Anunciacao,
Olivia Dreisinger, Emilio Rojas, Aleksander Vlasev, Victoria Zhu

wetsuit 1wetsuit 2 wetsuit 3 wetsuit 4 wetsuit 5 wetsuit 7

bondagebondage 1exploding egg 1exploding egg 2fear melt fear melt 3 embrace 2 embrace 3

Performance Art Workshop with Jürgen Fritz
LIVE Biennale 2013