behind the scenes

wreckage by Nita Bowerman

the beginning of a raft

the wreck (Nita Bowerman) and the sea (Renee Sutton) at work
photos by Andrew J Perriment, a stranger who happened by the theatre site during, a public dock, during a rehearsal and took some impromptu documentation.

At the time this video interview was taken by Micheal Sider, I had just fallen in love and gotten approval to create a theatre piece on the site. There are so many things I didn’t know yet about the site and about the development of the piece. I didn’t even know there was going to be a scuba diver yet.

And the discoveries continued…

I could possibly die using the octopus? There's a stinging jelly fish in the water?

Is it really such a bad idea to use the octopus?

Okay, so the worst that could happen with the jelly fish is that I get stung and convulse...


I've got a involves holding my breath and 2 bottles of vinegar.

All in a days work.

large jellyfish (12″ across) spotted under the dock at Granville Island.
Video by Michael Sider

wreckage was part of the 2011 Fringe Onsite program facilitated by Kendra Fanconi of The Only Animal. Here is a video made by Michael Sider about the program and featuring a couple of the shows involved, including wreckage.