This is what site-specific theatre is about. …a must-see…haunting work…vague and evocative instead of obvious and cliched…shouldn’t all theatre leave you wondering and wanting a little more?
Danielle Benzon, Plank Magazine (wreckage)

…a metaphor for the underbelly of a repressed mind, the space below Granville Island’s ferry dock plays a lead role…a boundary-pushing exercise in catharsis.
Sarah Berman, The Vancouver Sun (wreckage)

…so personal, it hurts. The site is spooky with water lapping at barnacle and mussel-encrusted pilings. There’s pity and fear, but it ends well. …it obviously touched her audience who, unanimously, either hugged her or shook her hand after the show.
Jo Ledingham, The Courier (wreckage)

“The cast, designers (including Nita Bowerman, Stephan Bircher, Joe Hawk and David Mesiha) and crew threw themselves with passion and generosity into the work.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier (Peter Panties)

“Notice the beautifully structured dresses made out of sail fabric, designed by Nita Bowerman. Loved those!”
Drake Alley (Mal de Mer)

“It sucked me in like a little scared boy….stimulated all my senses……
audience member (did you see others like me?)

“…I couldn’t even utter a word I was moved so much!!…it was amazing!!! a spectacle!!!”
audience member (did you see others like me?)

“…took my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous work.”
audience member (did you see others like me?)

“Nita Bowerman…has created some fantastic headpieces.”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight (House of KOSA)

Strange wigs and hairdos take House of KOSA right into the world of Cirque du Soleil.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier (House of KOSA)

“imaginative and courageous”
Ashleigh Dalton, Plank Magazine (PoP!)

“very playful…courageous and ambitious”
Michael John Unger, Plank Magazine (PoP!)

“Nita Bowerman appeared vulnerable in a costume of tin foil and lights”
Andrew Templeton, Plank Magazine (incandescent tutu)

“freaky weird”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier (Freeport, Texas)