seaweed dress

dress made by Nita Bowerman part of Nicole Dextras' "Little Green Dress Projekt" photo by Nicole Dextras

dress made by Nita Bowerman
part of Nicole Dextras’ “Little Green Dress Projekt”
photo by Nicole Dextras

This dress is made from several varieties of seaweed including bull kelp. It is wearable and smells like the ocean. This picture was taken several days after construction when the seaweed had begun to dry.

I constructed this particular dress on invitation from Nicole Dextras, who hired me to assist with making dress armatures for her Little Green Dress Projekt. The Little Green Dress Projekt, part of Nicole’s ongoing Weedrobes series, was comprised 21 handmade botanical dresses installed at VanDusen Botanical Garden as part of the Earth Art Exhibition from July 11 to September 30, 2012.  Nicole Dextras is an environmental artist working in a multitude of media including sculpture, interactive public installation and photography. Link to her website here to view more of her work.