abandoned home

This is part of a larger improvised series of instagram released short videos
(@ nita_c) filmed in an empty Vancouver house awaiting demolition.

danced & edited by Nita Bowerman (moveandtell.com)
filmed by Nicole Dextras

music: Evening of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


nitab_c on instagram

I’ve mostly moved my dance videos over to moveandtell.com I’ve been in the studio during the winter and output at the website has been slower than during the summer (2015). However, you can always find me on instagram under the handle nitab_c or follow the link here

Here’s my dancing avatar (also found on instagram):


And here some other recent cell phone app edited videos posted to instagram:

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On instagram you will also find more experimental short videos:

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Nicole Dextras’ pomegranate shoot

Can you believe I got to wear this?

Nicole Dextras' pomegranate shoot

Persephone gazes at an effigy of herself running through the fields.

concept, design, construction & photography by Nicole Dextras
Nicole on facebook

Jacket made from pomegranate peels, thorns, white mushrooms, fish mah and pomelo peel. The skirt is made from chinese dates strung with wool.
Pomegranate Fruit Leather Boots!

Read more about Nicole’s work in this Ignite article:
Botanical Fashion: Nicole Dextras’ Amazing Weedrobes

make-up: Keith Murray
lights: Jordi Sancho
shoot assistant: Evgenia Pankeeva
model: Nita Bowerman

Behind the scenes:
pomegranate behind the scenes 1
pomegranate behind the scenes 2